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January board meeting

Your board meets each month to look at how we are progressing against our business plan and to plan development. Some of the highlights from this evening include.

  1. We agreed to simplify our web presence, around the much simpler “” It reflects what we are (a co-operative) and is easier to type. The existing addresses will still work – but will connect to this domain in the background.
  2. We welcomed the latest management information – our total assets now stand at £649,992. We made 23 loans in December (a short month) totalling £23,150. This takes our lending to members to £346,982
  3. Several of us have completed data protection training – in advance of major new regulations that take effect in May this year.
  4. Our team answered 1,394 telephone calls in the month, helping members apply for loans, transfer funds onto pre-payment cards or just answering questions individuals might have.

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