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Paying into your account

In the most recent improvement to our services you can now apply to us for a PayPoint card which will let you pay money into your OCU account any day of the week and almost any hour of the day. Find your nearest retailer displaying the PayPoint sign and go and pay in money whenever the shop is open (see below).

Simply take your card to one of many such retailers. They will swipe your card and take your money, before returning your card and giving you a receipt. Just check the receipt before you leave. A word of warning:  If you already have one or more PayPoint cards, be careful to keep them separate and use the right one for each purpose!

There are several retailers near our current office where you can use your PayPoint card and all are open every day. The following shops and garages are within half a mile of our old Temple Cowley office:

  • Turna News and Off Licence (39 Barns Road) *open 7am – 10pm*
  • Littlemore News (72 Cowley Road) *open 5.30am – 7pm*
  • Cooperative Food (21 Templars Square) *open 7am – 10pm*
  • Imy’s Stop ‘n’ Shop (185-187 Barns Road) *open 6am – 10pm*
  • Murco Service Station (Between Towns Road) *open 6am – 11pm*

In Oxford city centre, the newsagent a few doors up from the CAB in St Aldate’s is another PayPoint outlet.

To find a PayPoint retailer near you, check this website:

To apply for a PayPoint card, call us and we will organise it for you and explain how it works.

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