Saver Loans

Our Standard loans are available up to a maximum of £2,000 at an interest rate of 2% a month (APR of 26.8%). You need to have been saving with us for at least three months. Larger loans of between £2,000 and up to £7,000 net are available subject to credit status..

  • You need to have saved regularly with us for a minimum of three months - unless you join through your employer's payroll Scheme, in which case you can borrow straightaway.

  • The exact terms of the loan will depend on your circumstances. We will never lend more than we think you can repay.


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All members can apply, but your chances of approval will depend on the type of loan you have applied for and your circumstances.

All loan decisions are taken based on our loan policy and made by a person, not a computer, and so we will always try to take your individual situation into account. In cases where we can't approve the full amount applied for, we may be able to offer you a lesser amount, or an alternative rate.

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