September Newsletter

This month, we are excited to start sharing with you our proposals to develop the Oxfordshire Credit Union into a Community Bank in the next 12-36 months

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Tackling Loan Sharks

Oxfordshire Credit Union has teamed up with Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) to promote their Payroll Saving and Loan Plan across the areas that we cover to ensure that employees who work in organisations, that are part of our Payroll Deduction Scheme, have a safe and reliable place to save and be protected from loan sharks.

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Benefits of a credit union

A credit union, also known as co-operative, is a not-for-profit organisation which is set up by members that have something in common – whether it is the area they live in or work.

Here are seven benefits of choosing a credit union:

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June Newsletter

Oxfordshire Credit Union June Newsletter

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What does Anneliese Dodds have to say about our Credit union?

"The Covid 19 crisis has caused significant financial distress to many people in Oxford and Oxfordshire Credit Union, a not-for-profit cooperative, has been incredibly supportive. Owned and operated by its members and controlled by a volunteer Board of Directors Oxfordshire Credit Union offers a safe place to save and affordable credit to its members. Many of its members save and repay their loans through a deduction from their payroll and employers such as Oxford City Council, Oxford University Hospitals Trust and more recently University College Oxford recognise this as an employee benefit that costs virtually nothing to provide."

Anneliese is the British Labour and Co-operative MP for Oxford East and is currently serving as Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer 

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Business Plan 2018 -21

Our underpinning aim is to double our membership, assets and lending in the next seven years.

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