In all cases you get:

  • Sensible interest rates - with, in most cases, a maximum of 2% per month (26.8% APR).
  • No hidden charges or unexpected penalties - for example, you can pay your loan off early without penalties if you are able to.
  • Lower rates if you have a track record with us - once we know you we may be able to offer you a lower rate or a larger amount.

CRAs In order to process credit applications we will supply your personal information to credit reference agencies (CRAs) . We do this to assess creditworthiness and product suitability, check your identity, manage your account, trace and recover debts and prevent criminal activity. 

We will also continue to exchange information about you with CRAs on an ongoing basis. This may affect your ability to get credit. 

The identities of the CRAs, and the ways in which they use and share personal information, are explained in more detail on:

Child Benefit Loans

A Child Benefit Loan is a simple loan charged at a fair rate that you repay using your Child Benefit payments.

Saver Loans

Are available up to a maximum of £7,000 at competitive interest rates. You usually need to have been saving with us for at least three months.

Payroll Deduction Loan

Anyone who works for an employer who has a partnership agreement with us is eligible to apply for an introductory loan straightaway of up to £2,000 at 2% per month (26.8% APR). The repayments on the loan will taken directly out of your salary by your employer.

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